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Construction Accident Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Did you sustain a serious injury because of negligence on a construction site? If the owner of the construction site, a supervisor, an equipment manufacturer, or an independent contractor is to blame for your accident, discuss your case with me to determine your rights. As a construction accident attorney in Portland, I am committed to delivering the full compensation that you are owed.

Construction Accident Attorney in Portland, Oregon

I am prepared to represent you as your lawyer for construction accident cases with third-party negligence, such as those involving:

  • Trench-digging
  • Lifting and Crane Equipment
  • Electrocution
  • Hazardous Chemical Burns
  • Machinery Operation
  • Scaffolding Falls
  • Structure Collapse
  • Protective Gear Failure

Under Oregon law, even if you already filed for workers’ compensation, you may be able to recover further compensation through a personal injury claim. Learn more about what you can expect in your construction accident claim by calling my office.

Don’t stop at workers’ compensation benefits when they are inadequate to compensate for your injuries.

Construction accidents can result in extreme injuries, such as loss of limbs, brain damage and concussions, broken bones, burns, neck and back injuries, paralysis, nervous system impairment, eye injuries, and more. The injuries can cause lifelong complications for you and your family.  If you have been injured in a construction accident that involved a contractor, subcontractor, or other negligent third-party, you may be eligible for more than what your workers’ compensation provides. It can be overwhelming to navigate beyond employment benefits.  I will carefully analyze your case and aggressively advocate for you to attain fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, future care, and pain and suffering.

Experienced Construction Accident Attorney

Seek the services of a seasoned litigator with experience in over 100 trials.  I am not afraid to push for litigation if adjusters are not willing to offer a fair settlement.  As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I am well-versed in construction site regulations, inspection requirements, and job safety protocols in the construction industry.  Set up a free case evaluation with me, Portland’s experienced personal injury lawyer.

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My goal is to maximize your compensation. This can include expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. No matter how complex your injuries and claim, I am prepared to fight for you.

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