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Civil Rights Lawyer in Portland, Oregon

Were you the victim of discrimination at work, school, or a public place?  Did you suffer an injury or property damage by a government actor?  Were you unfairly denied services?  If your civil rights were violated, the violating party may be responsible for covering costs of your injuries and other damages.  As an experienced personal injury and civil rights lawyer in Portland, I am committed to enforcing your rights.

Civil Rights Lawyer in Portland, Oregon

I am prepared to represent you as your civil rights lawyer for cases including:

  • Police brutality or threats
  • Hate crimes
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disability discrimination
  • Discrimination in housing
  • Discrimination at work
  • Discrimination at school
  • Denial of access to government services and facilities

Civil rights violations may result in criminal prosecutions of the perpetrator. As the victim, you are also entitled to pursue a personal injury claim for the injuries, expenses, and emotional trauma that you suffered. Learn more about what you can expect in your civil rights claim by calling my office.

Enforce your rights against unlawful violations.

A civil rights violation can be a frightening and humiliating experience.  Do not allow the violation to continue by suffering the costs and long-term effects of the violation alone.  A personal injury claim can result in compensation for your medical costs, property damage, loss of current and future income, and pain and suffering.

The United States and Oregon Constitutions, as well as state laws, guarantee your civil rights.  Civil rights prohibit discrimination based on race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin or heritage, religion, disability, medical condition, veteran status, or age.  These rights are diminished when violations go unaddressed and victims lack resources to recover.  As an experienced civil rights attorney, I am dedicated to vindicating your civil rights and achieving you just compensation for their violation.

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I have litigated over 100 trials, many of which involved civil rights.  You get the experience and understanding of civil rights law to effectively fight for your rights.  I know that each case is unique, and I will get to know your circumstances and the particulars of your case.  I will help you understand the process and legal system.  Set up a free case evaluation with me, Portland’s civil rights lawyer, and let me fight for the compensation you are owed.  I am passionate about rectifying civil rights abuses.

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My goal is to maximize your compensation. This can include expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. No matter how complex your injuries and claim, I am prepared to fight for you.

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