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Injured on the job? If your accident was caused by a party other than your employer, then you may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your injuries. At Neal Weingart, Attorney at Law, I am dedicated to helping workers who have been injured by the negligence of third parties. Learn more about third-party work injury claims and whether or not you can file one at this time.

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Third-Party Liability in Work Accidents

In some case, you may be able to hold third-party entities responsible for your injuries, such as contractors, maintenance companies, equipment manufacturers, or another party that frequents your place of work. In these cases, normal personal injury laws apply.

Examples of common workplace accidents caused by third parties:

  • Slip and fall caused by a cleaning company's failure to put clear signage after wiping floors
  • If a manufacturer created defective office equipment and a worker is injured while using it
  • If a non-employee on a construction site caused an injury to an employee
  • If you were driving while on the job and a negligent motorist collided into your vehicle, causing injuries to you

Third party claims can provide additional benefits not available in workers' compensation, such as costs for pain and suffering, higher benefits for lost wages and medical costs, and other non-economic damages.

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